Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CABHAIR Christmas Swim for Irish Political Prisoners !


A Chara,

The Annual CABHAIR Christmas Swim will be held this year on Christmas morning at the Grand Canal in Inchicore, Dublin. This year marks the 33 Anniversary of this event. Over the last few years, here in the U.S. we have growing support and sponsorship for those who take the chilly morning plunge in support of the prisoners’ families.

With the holiday season fast approaching, many families will benefit from your donation of any amount in support of the Annual CABHAIR Swim. Your contribution means something truly special to them, especially in days such as these. If you have been meaning to contribute all year, this is the time to do so. Your support will raise the spirits of a family - who have sacrificed themselves to raise the spirit of a Sovereign Irish Nation.

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There are two new videos now available for viewing on the website:

IRPAS Co-ordinator Darryl Levy talks about the background and focus of the National Irish Freedom Committee's IRPAS Campaign in video one while on video two Cabhair Swim organizer John Horan of Dublin talks about the hardship that the spouses and children of Republican political prinsoners face as well as discussing the history of the swim at the Canal.

Cumann Na Saoirse Náisiúnta

National Irish Freedom Committee



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