Monday, March 11, 2013

Radio Rebel Gael Presents :

Saint Patrick (Was A Dissident) !

FEAT. NEW Music andGuest Musician, 
Brendan Power of KILMAINE SAINTS !!

And tons of new brilliant tunes and timeless classics by Shane MacGowan, Damien Dempsey, Jun Tzu, The Rebel Hearts, The Logues, The Cranberries, The Dubliners, The Ryans, The Currency, The Druids, The Rum Jacks, The Wages of Sin, The Tractor Boys, The Prodigals, The Zydepunks, The Screaming Orphans, Whiskey of The Damned, Reilly, Dropkick Murphys, Scary Eire, NECK, Niblick Henbane, Sydney City Trash, Roughneck Riot,

And all your Grandpa’s favorite melodies !


1. disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system, organization, or belief.
2. A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution.

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