Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Radio Rebel Gael's YouTube Channel

  • For all those who've enjoyed listening to Radio Rebel Gael over the years, I wanted to point out that I have cancelled the Radio Rebel Gael podomatic website and service, due to what I feel are irreconcilable differences between Radio Rebel Gael and what I feel are the unscrupulous business practices of Podomatic Inc. Like most Corporate entities , Podomatic are not what they seem to be, and seem to have betrayed the very nature of podcasting and it's whole opportunity for the common people to have the freedom to broadcast FREE of cost. Podomatic seems to be more interested in joining in with the rest of the Corporate Swine to rob and pillage the general public. AS A RESULT, Radio Rebel Gael will now podcast in video format, exclusively on our new, handy dandy Radio Rebel Gael Youtube channell . Subscribe and tune in friends, fans, comrades and musicians:

 Radio Rebel Gael



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