Saturday, February 09, 2013

Radio Rebel Gael Presents :

 Rebel Treble !

FEAT. NEW Music & Guest Musician, Matt Maulding of BRICK TOP BLAGGERS !!

And tons of new brilliant tunes and timeless classics by Pol Mac Adaim, Ciaran Murphy, Christy Moore, Terry O’Neill, Damien Dempsey, Erin Go Bragh, The Druids, The Rolling Kings, The Navigators, The Logues, The Killigans, The Prodigals, Athenrye, Bare Knuckle Boxers, Spirit of Freedom,  Blood or Whiskey, Cutthroat Shamrock, My Three Kilts, Dropkick Murphys,

And all of your Grand Pa’s favorite melodies !

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