Monday, November 05, 2012

I just got Pol Mac Adaim's new CD, "My Name is Troy Davis", what an amazing CD, it has some great versions of David Rovic's "Saint Patrick's Battallion", Christy Moore's  "Ninety Miles from Dublin", "(Ballad  of) Joe Mc Cann", by Eamon O'Doherty, "Wild Mountain Thyme" by Belfast native, William McPeake , as well as some phenomenal originals by Pol Mac Adaim himself, including "Legacy of The Dark (Brendan Hughes)", "Do You Feel?" ( a great tribute to the people of Mayo battling against Shell Oil corporation), "My Name Is Troy Davis", "Another Day", a moving tribute to the embattled people of Palestine; "Butterflies", which is a brilliant and spiritual melody, and my favorite song of this album; "From H-Block to Maghaberry", this is really a mighty release that I was honored to have the opportunity to listen to....Thanks again to comrade Pol Mac Adaim for inspiring and motivating all of us, with his powerful ballads and rebel harmonies !

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