Monday, July 23, 2012


 Celtic Thunder !

FEAT. NEW Music & Guest Musicians; Eoin Mc Carthy of WHISKEY OF THE DAMNED (Milwaukee), Leigh Schroeter of McALPINE’S FUSILIERS (Bendigo, Australia),  &  Michael Sturm of THE LANGER’S BALL (St. Paul, Minnesota),

And lots of classics, and new tunes by John Mccullagh (from his new CD, “Working Class Lowlife” !!!), Colm O’Brien, Captain Moonlight, Matt Mc Ginn, Christy Moore, George Carlin, Vincent Caprani,  Bog Savages, Dead Kennedys. Crass, Eire Og, Bluestack, The Ryans, The Rebel Hearts, The Wakes, The Dubliners, Blood or Whiskey, Minor Threat, Neck, Roaring Jack, More Power To Your Elbow, 39 Dangerous Street, 

And much more….

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