Wednesday, May 02, 2012

 MAY DAY 2012 ! 

FEAT. Guest Musicians & Spokespersons; JOHN MCCULLAGH (Melbourne/Yorkshire), MICK O’BRIEN OF THE DRUIDS (Wexford), ERNESTO AYALA of LA RAZA UNIDA (Aztlan),  RAY COLLINS(Brooklyn/Belfast), & KEVIN FLYNN (OF THE AVONDALE RAMBLERS) (Chicago) !!!

And lots of classics, and new tunes by Emily Smith, Al O’Donnell, Ciaran Murphy, Charlie & The Bhoys, Pol Mac Adaim, Mike Fox, Dick Gaughan, Alistair Hulett, Bog Savages, Eire Og, Bluestack, Dropkick Murphys, The Fureys, The Prodigals, The Tossers, The Dubliners, The Wakes, The Wages of Sin, Spirit of Freedom, Scary Eire, Flying Column, Banda Bassotti, Roaring Jack,

And much more !

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